Friday, 29 July 2016

Vision blinds product information and benefits

Vision blinds are a single-blind that allow you to filter the amount of light entering the room without having to remove completely blind.

Light control, keeping his eyes, blind vision creates an impact that no other blind can match. This is a striking new modern home window blind.

Vision is an elegant fabric that filters and softens daylight, while offering the possibility of a blind privacy.

Twin Blinds

Vision Blinds

The Hindsight is versatile. It gives all the advantages of a combined shutter and Venetian blind. Just pull the fabric deployed in its entirety for complete privacy, or raise the shade of 3 cm and have stunning views to the store without giving your privacy.

You can also pull the blind as a store for a full view of the open window.

Vision blinds are manufactured in the company, and can be produced with a wide range of head boxes in a choice of three colors depending on the style you prefer.

The exceptional range of vision of the wire is pure, subtle and delicate effects of armor made of natural wood tones.

A day view and complete privacy at night. Bold stripes opaque and translucent fabric. A selection of bright colors. The ease of motorization and a declaration of beautiful scenery ... This is the view of your home.

Advantages of Vision stores:
  • Enjoy the benefits of both solutions in one
  • Easy to use - vision blinds can now be motorized
  • An exclusive selection of colors
  • Suitable for a variety of seating
  • Professional fit and finish
  • Best for any room or balcony

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Honeycomb Blinds

The analysis of trends of today are stylish and contemporary, generally cell. As can be seen in the homes of several million dollars worldwide in the past it is almost as expensive as wood blinds, woven blinds energy efficient Honeycomb now has a place in many Australian homes.

Honeycomb Blind
Australian Window Covering
 Australian window blinds protection can now offer cell mass at a discounted rate never before seen in Australia. This is because modern production technologies and improvements in the design of new combined. Sometimes referred to as cellular or pleated shades, blinds Honeycomb is perfect for most situations, but it is perfect for modern apartments, commercial applications and narrow windows. 

  Benefits of Honeycomb Blinds

It provides privacy 
This reduces heat loss through the window at night 
Minimizes cold air currents near a window
Day reducing solar heat gain unwanted through windows in summer
-control Improvement Diurna with shutters that are lower than the top and bottom of the elevator 

  Blinds prices lower in Honeycomb 

 Import Custom dark honeycomb filter are available as a room light, Blockout single cell and double     cell light filtered. 
Honeycomb Blinds

Available as a cable or operated battery life without 100% of the net cage a child. Top-down version possible. Consult us. headrails coordination, cables, acorns and bottom rails. Surprisingly isolation and style. High quality, low prices.More Details Contact Us Honeycomb Blinds