Monday, 21 November 2016

Plantation shutters

Window coverings Australian plantations. Blinds are a collection of classic and contemporary. Design details such as hand-sanding blinds, furniture finishes, and painting techniques distinguish Australian fine Australian shutters from plantation rest.

Overture Sizes:
The desire to have a cleaner look led to the 3 ½ "of the blind planter shutter that dominates the market. Almost 98% of all new orders have shutter door of 3 ½" specific. Fewer shutters are required to construct the component. When closed, however, the extra space between the fins creates a clean, dramatic look that offers a larger view while still being subtle in your window. When it's closed, they offer the same privacy as the 2 ½ "grille.

plantation shutters
plantation shutters

How to control your luminaries of light and privacy:
All the windows of the sizes create an equal amount of privacy when it is closed. However, every home is different and consumer needs. Some residences are close neighbors and need more privacy. How can this be achieved without making the room completely dark?

Center of the dividing rail:
This feature is usually placed in the middle of a sealing panel even though it can be specified to be placed virtually anywhere. Replacing a component with a solid section creates a break in the blinds, (not on the panel!). Now, the blinds can be moved independently. Close the low blinds of privacy where it is most needed while allowing the light to pass through the upper flaps ... easy!

Tilt bar:
Some consumers like the idea of moving blinds from shutter plantations independently to create the combination of privacy and light but do not like the look of a solid piece of wood in the center of your window.

plantation shutters
Plantation shutters

Concealed bar inclination:
Do you want to make a contemporary statement with your swing component? Ask for a tilted trunk tucked away! While the tilt rod does not actually disappear, it hides behind the panel. This clean and modern look takes the traditional look of blinds and puts a contemporary twist on it! When it was built, it is automatically divided into the center.

Single blind panels:
Simple shutter panels up to 36 "wide. At each window 31" wide or more, only a panel placed in this opening creates a more contemporary style. Since the blinds extend through the window, the look is cleaner because a line is not created by the center in which two panels are located.

Wooden blinds can be custom paint adapted to the color you choose. Although the carriage is more than 20 standard paint colors to keep in touch with the current paint pattern design, providing either the code or a real sample of the paint, Australian window cover will scan the sample and Create a sample send for approval.

He beat another lower businessman a few hundred dollars, very impressive given Perry had more to offer than him. In addition to that, he likes to shake the tax on the total of what would be the lowest bid.

The installer was punctual and very professional. It makes you feel confident that your products are in good hands knowing that you did that day after day.

Lifestyle Components:

Our blinds offer the versatility to create a traditional lifestyle or feel the minimalist look so desired when used as an alternative to curtains and blinds. Blinds also add a touch of style and elegance to any room, as they are exceptionally practical, charming and produce a feeling of love.
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Friday, 18 November 2016

Blinds at Your Home and Inspiration Design

What is blind vision?

Blind vision is a great alternative to traditional Venetian blinds or roller blinds, combining the perfect balance between privacy and light control with the trendy trend of bold stripes and block colors. With a blind vision, you can enjoy the best in quality, design, and manufacturing, as well as the viability of a small service store.

The exceptional range of vision has transparent metallic hues, subtle tones and delicate effects of natural wood armor, the perfect collection for any room in any home.

How does it work?

A single chain of command is used to slide the opaque and translucent woven bands to the other. The same system is used to raise and lower the blind to any height in the window blinds with ease, in the same way as the classic store. This allows you to soften the excess light and reduce glare in your room. Blinds also totally wrap the vision in the attractive helmet strip to reveal an uninterrupted exterior view.

Can be established

Vision blinds, also known as "day and night" or "twist" blinds, consist of two layers of opaque and translucent woven webs that can be moved independently and slid into the other to create locking levels of the Light and to follow "the sun at any point throughout the day. The control by a single chain, the mechanism allows you to soften the daylight, which reduces the glare of entering your room. with this innovative design, now You can enjoy the exact level of sunlight you want in your home at any time throughout the day with a simple adjustment of the blinds.

vision blinds
Vision blinds

Aesthetically pleasing

These blinds are an attractive solution, working well for a number of window shapes and sizes. While suitable for many types of properties, these blinds work especially well in modern properties and are consistent with rationality, minimalist fashion. Available in a multitude of colors, fabrics, and designs, blinds can be worked seamlessly in your existing home and your style and colors; Whatever the room.

Inspiration Design

Control lamp while maintaining the view, create impact with the vision; A new bright blind window for the modern home. Vision is a fabric style that will gently filter and soften the daylight while also offering the possibility of a store of confidentiality.

Blind vision combines the perfect balance between privacy and light control with the fashion trend of bold stripes and blocking color. With a blind vision, you can enjoy the best in quality, design, and manufacturing, as well as the viability of a small service store.
The range features exceptional metallic tones, delicate tones and subtle effects of natural wood armor, the perfect collection for any room in the house.

Good investment for the future

These blinds are innovative and at the forefront of technology, making it an important investment for the future. Instead of buying different types of blinds for different times of the year, the vision blinds provide a solution that works throughout the year to provide comfort to varying degrees and levels of exposure and daylight intensity. More details visit

Monday, 14 November 2016

Update on child safety in twin blinds

Months have passed since the withdrawal of more than 50 million Roman blinds and roller shutters. The withdrawal from the market is the result of the deaths of five babies and strangulation much closer in the last four years. The children were trapped in the changing tubes that help raise and lower the blinds.

Now, almost five months later, parents still have questions and other parents are misinformed about the dangers of hanging blinds. The following questions and answers are designed to help parents obtain information and take safety precautions at home. The following information is relevant not only to parents but also to all homes where children play and visit.

How do I know if my shades can be a hazard to my children? Inspect each treatment window in your home for cables or hanging lines. The strings are usually to the right or left of the blind and are used to raise and lower the blind. The most commonly hanging blinds found with laces are Roman blinds and roller blinds. Vertical blinds, blinds can also have hanging wires.

What types of window treatments are safe to install? Any window treatment can be safe, provided it is wireless. Wireless blinds and curtains eliminate hanging cables. They use the treatment of the lower rail window to raise and lower. These shades are exactly the same brands and quality blinds with laces. The low-cost upgrade is an easy way to make sure children are safe.
What if I can not afford the new window treatments? The Security Council Window Coverings provides free restructuring kits for all types of blinds as well as instructions on how to install them - They also have a link to useful sites.

How can I help spread the word? Talk about safety shutters to friends and family. Tell your nursery and ask them to do it. Write about it on your blog or Facebook page. The best thing you can do is educate others. Word of mouth is still the most effective way to educate people.

Today, blinds and awnings are increasingly manufactured with the security features and updates available. Make sure when you buy new blinds or curtains to look for wireless options. They may appear as an update you need to check before buying your blinds.
vision blinds
Vision blinds

 Life of children is priceless. Make sure you do everything possible to provide a safe environment for your children, from the renewal or replacement of obsolete window treatments.
Zebra Blinds offer the best combination of utility and style and the perfect blind for every room in the house. These easy to install blinds provide the optimum amount of sunlight while maintaining complete privacy for your home. Zebra and our blinds are designed to fit any window up to 72 inches long and can be installed in three easy steps using our manual instructions. Our continuous drop system allows you to adjust the length of the curtain according to the measurements from each window.

Animate the windows with vision blinds. Light control, keeping the end to create an impact with vision, blind new window striking for the modern home. Blind Vision is a stylish fabric that slightly softens the daylight filter while offering the possibility of indiscriminate intimacy.

The  Vision blinds fabric collection features metallic finishes, very nice seamless, woven natural effects of wood and a selection of quiet. In combination with a number of blinds vision retaining rail, options are sure to complement any interior design settings.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to keep your blind light

Keep a set of blinds completely clean window is also important that a planned area rug or even a shiny wooden floor. When is likely to look through a set of window blinds on a daily basis, it seems reasonable to maintain that appear again. And finally, make the task much easier, here are some tips to ensure that you’re always looks good window blinds.

The first is to refer to the direction of designers treatments for your window blinds. By doing this, you are able to stay away from long-term damage to your blinds and make sure not missing any obvious errors.

There is dust accumulated in every home and although many think it is just dead skin that is a myth. The dust is actually a set of fiber fabric clothing, bedding and carpets, food ingredients untreated wood, and dirt. Last but not least a small amount of remains of old skin, as all human beings fall unwanted skin we all have twenty five days and we have no idea of ​​sight.
honeycomb blinds
Honeycomb blinds

Unless you are 100% absolutely sure that it will not inflict damage to your window blinds, do not use water. This is especially true if you have real wood blinds untreated. Water can leave permanent damage and destroy its system of Venetian blinds at a high price or even cheaper shops. Anyway, wood and water do not mix well.

However, if instead you have window blinds fabric, you should ensure that all precautions are taken if you decide to dry clean or wash. As an example, never, never use ammonia based products to clean window blinds material, because doing so will certainly have disastrous consequences.

If you have installed non-permanent blinds, which are made of paper and wood-like, water should be avoided at all times. Over time, the color may disappear, but as current blinds, which should not be there permanently.

Whatever the material or quality, it is important to take precautions to treat blinds because they are fragile and are not intended to be handled well. On the other hand, try to keep them completely clean blinds really gives the house an extra touch.

Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds, cellular shades sometimes called, quickly became a favorite among homeowners and designers. These types of blinds are easy to install, highly adaptable and very affordable. The honeycomb blinds also come in a variety of colors and fabrics. The advantages of honeycomb blinds do not stop there; Cellular shades are also known for the unique ability to help insulate windows.

There are many brands of bee nest blinds available on the market today. Some offer similar features, while others have unique tissues and drawings. These are some of the best brands of honeycomb blinds.